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BRAND NAME – This is India/Bhupati India Store

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION – Handmade, made with care, very soft,  keeping in mind the shape of the product be accurate so that it doesn’t hurt the feet or any part of the ankle. Traditional style footwear made with the high quality artificial leather, pointed toe shaped giving a distinctive and elegant looks. It is adorned with intricate embroidery, beadwork and other embellishments showing the artistic heritage of Indian culture. Its quality sole provides durability and comfort making it suitable for extended wear during cultural events, festivals.It is a slip on style without laces and buckles, making it convenient to wear and remove.


MATERIAL – Artificial Leather

DESIGN –  Mixed of textured, floral etc

SIZE (Approx, in inches) – Refer the size chart

COLOR – Mixed

Sold under the brand This is India or Bhupati India Store and Manufactured/ Outsourced/Marketed and Exported by Dead Stock Company.

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*Disclaimer: Product color may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources & computer settings.

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Made with the special care

Jewellery Design

Jewellery is an ornament that completes women. It adds beauty to everyone, whosoever wears it.

According to the official Census held in 2011, tribals constitute 8.6 per cent of the India’s total population – some 104. 3 million people. Unofficial figures vary significantly but represent a much higher proportion of India’s population. The tribal peoples are often referred to as “Adivasis,” which means “original inhabitants of a particular area.” Indigenous tribes constitute India’s poorest still relying on agriculture, fishing, or manual labour for survival. Each tribe has its own traditions, clothing, language, and jewellery. Tribal jewellery can be described as eclectic, earthen, and funky, while ethnic jewellery can be described as arty, refined, and timeless. Even in the past, tribes wore a variety of jewellery, including traditional necklaces, bangles, and earrings, as well as more unusual pieces such as ear cuffs, lip rings, and toe rings. Most of the tribes’ raw materials were restricted to shells, claws, animal jaws, ivory, wood, and other natural products locally available. India has a rich tribal culture that, through modernisation, has maintained its unique traditions and values. Tribal jewellery has a distinct earthy appeal. The rarity of ethnic jewellery, on the other hand, is prized by many because it differs from conventionally produced jewellery. Tribal jewellery reveals a lot about the wearer’s social standing, income and possessions, moral values, and even practical behaviours. Apart from portraying a traditionally idealised look, the ornaments often provide a brief insight into a group’s socio-cultural customs. There are many accounts that the royals of ancient India employed brilliant craftsmen to create exquisite jewellery. Some of these gems have been passed down from generation to generation, retaining their unique identity and being an indelible part of family treasure. Tribal jewellery incorporates popular natural materials such as leaves, berries, feathers, fur, claws, flowers, and more into magnificent wearable works of art. Some of the factors that distinguish tribal jewellery of one group from that of another are the demographics of the area, the availability of resources, and the proposed functionality. Additionally, extreme poverty and a scarcity of precious metals haven’t stopped tribal artisans from making magnificent ornaments. In fact, tribes in some regions have been found to be scantily clad while also wearing a large amount of jewellery on their bodies. In most cultures jewellery can be understood as a status symbol, for its material properties, its pattern or for meaningful symbols. Jewellery In itself is very precious, derived from the word ‘jewel’. Diamonds are the one that first mined in India and is the most expensive jewel. Creating beautiful jewellery is not that easy. It required lots of hard working and the experience. To engrave each design on the jewel is very difficult. Here is the list of Indian jewellery startups that not only rise in India but expanded its services worldwide with a strong and great impact. With more than 60,000 designs for customers to choose from 150 small artisans, we provide you one of the leading handmade jewellery fashion store. Artisans, small craftsmen works with different process to upgrade last mile sale in a category which is yet to move ahead of the traditional store retail.


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