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Please find the categories of the products, deadstock we buy.

No matter where the stock is warehoused, we buy it. Check the valuation process how you can sell your deadstock. It’s important and necessary to complete the valuation process completed in order to get the stock valuated so that we can buy it accordingly.

Valuation Process

Please read the instructions below and follow the process carefully.

STEP 1. Product images & Description

Send us the deadstock images & video by Email  I  WhatsApp with its description, specification & quantity.

  1. Product images in jpeg file with white background | Video if multiple articles & designs.
  2. Product Description, Specifications in excel format.
  3. Product’s Quantity in excel format.

Important: Send us the clear images with its reduced size.  Images will be displayed for online verification and valuation.

STEP 2. Verification

Send us the samples of dead stock (1 Piece of 1 Article, Minimum 5 Pcs in Total) for its physical verification & valuation.

In Dead Stock Company, the physical verification of the product plays an important role in the valuation process and it is done by despatching the samples to our professional and verified buyers.

Please Note: The samples received are forwarded to our authentic buyers for its valuation in different cities of the country and in some cases to other countries also depending on their interest and these samples are non returnable and it will not be added in the inventory at the final purchase.

The Valuation updates take 7-15 working days time after receiving the samples and it will be notified to the seller by Email | Whatsapp.

Important: Please mention the correct Email Address and Contact Nos. on the samples to avoid any interruption in the process. In current situation the valuation process may take longer time depending on our domestic & international courier agency.

Physical inspections of products are not allowed at our warehouses as we have initiated online verification by videos and other sources. Once allowed, it will be notified on the website.

STEP 3. Onsite Display

Once samples received, the images of the stock will be displayed onsite for its onsite bidding to get its maximum valuation by our buyers till the seller receives the valuation updates. Sellers can check website for content verification and inform us by Email or WhatsApp if any information is incorrect.

STEP 4. Valuation

Once the valuation is received it will be updated to the seller by Email | WhatsApp. Later our team will reconfirm the seller if they agree to sell the stock with the price received by valuation and finally initiate the pickup. We have several modes of payments so no issue in making the payments by the seller’s preferred mode.

Please Note: Physical inspections are also done in some cases prior  to pickup depending on our buyer’s decision.

For any other information, contact us or drop us a message, we will be happy to assist you.

Important: Samples should be despatched/addressed to our Registered Office. Please see the details mentioned below. Samples when received, it will be updated to the seller by mail | WhatsApp.



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