Started in the year 2017, with the mission to help people running their factories, industries, manufacturing units or stores live stress free, tensed free and stock free life and provided them a place where they can sell their products of different varieties and different categories altogether.

Dead stock, defined as the stock of different products which are used to describe merchandise that was never sold to or used by consumers because it was outdated or is out of fashion but retains its original tags and package. These are the products which are not likely to leave the shelves, difficult to sell and is a big hurdle in the expansion and growth of the business taking up the spaces, costing money and slowly draining valuable finances. The dead stock moreover has chances to ruin the businesses in the recession period and if someone decides to close or to change the business due to any reason. The rise of fast fashion has also created a bleak scenario and fashion as well as technology keeps on growing every alternate day so the chances of bearing losses keeping the dead stock also increases. Keeping this in mind, we decided to work for people and created a place which can help them liquidate their different products without searching here and there. Initiated from the goal of buying only dead products and now buying subsidiaries, excess store inventories and stock lots also after getting huge demands and requirements from our buying partners. Due to strong support and heavy backup of our potential buyers, we have the capacity to buy dead stock of more than 30 different categories of products. Working for more than 20 years in trading business in different categories and experiencing it, we made good business relationships with the biggest wholesale dealers, manufacturers, buyers, industrialists in the biggest wholesale markets of India and now have the knowledge and caliber to supply and export the fresh products also to the various countries in the world. 

Started the business from 3 categories which now has increased up to 30 different categories with the help of quality database and strong backup of our buying and selling partners, we are the one place to help people running their factories, industries, manufacturing units or stores consolidate their products and sell with easy payment terms. No matter if the stock is warehoused in the same country or is warehoused in another country. We buy it and support them to diversify their energy in manufacturing fresh products and to live tensed free life. We’re dedicated of giving people the very best of dead stock with a focus on dependability, services and uniqueness.