Established in 2017, with a mission of helping businessmen do a stress free business, Dead Stock Company is a leading & well known company in the global market of buying and selling of obsolete, rejected & unfashionable stock or any other kind of dead stock left in the factories, industries, manufacturing units or stores. We’re the only one, single platform buying and selling the inventories of various products altogether and helping people sell it and buy it.

Dead stock, defined as the stock of different products altogether, which are used to describe merchandise that was never sold to, or used by consumers usually because it was outdated or is out of fashion, but it typically retains its original tags and package. These are usually in the form of articles of various kind, which are difficult to sell and is a big hurdle in the expansion of the business and takes up the space and cost money to maintain unnecessary inventories intact.

Usually Dead Stock is increased in the recession period, or if someone decides to shutdown the business or changeover to another business due to any reason, and as the fashion and technology keeps on changing every alternate day, the chances of bearing losses, being with the dead stock increases, and so we work for the others and help them liquidate their stock.

We are the buyers and sellers of subsidiaries, excess store inventories and stocklots also which are rejected from the buyers due to any reason.

Started the business from three different categories and now increased the business upto thirty different categories leaving only eatables after associating with the bulk buyers and sellers of large variety of products, we are the one leading online place helping factories, industries, manufacturing units and stores consolidate their products and sell with easy payment terms.

No matter if the stock is warehoused in the same country, or is warehoused in another country, we buy it and help them diversify their energy in manufacturing fresh products and to live stress free life.

We’re dedicated of giving the very best of Dead Stock with a focus on dependability, services and uniqueness.