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Experiencing since 2001 the Indian & International market, be it in the field of manufacturing,  surplus, scrap, liquidations or exports and practicing here for almost two decades finally established a clossmote company named Dead Stock Company in the year 2016, with a mission of reducing the stress and tensions of manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, exporters, stores owners and other businessmen by providing them a single platform where they can liquidate their dead stock. We moved ahead with the positive intention of giving them a healthy mind so that they can diversify their energy in manufacturing new products instead of worrying for their older inventories. Started the business from Asian market with our registered office at New Delhi,  INDIA and now booming up the business in European market and North American market with our partners with their offices located at San Luis Potosi MEXICO and Laredo, Texas (USA) UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Dead Stock Company is a leading & well known name in domestic & International market for sale & purchase of dead stock of several categories which are left in the factories, industries, manufacturing units and stores. You can trust our buying and selling quality of products as we have the professional team for inspections who verifies the stock after physical inspections to verify its quality alongwith its market value, be it in the warehouse of the seller or any other place. Once bought from the seller, later the stock is segregated to resell, recycle and charity. We’re a single platform for buying and selling the inventories of various products together in a faster way. Dead Stock, defined as the stock of different products in different categories together, which is used to describe merchandise that was never sold to, or used by consumers usually because it was outdated or is out of fashion, but it typically retains its original tags and package. These are usually in the form of articles of various kind, which are difficult to sell and is a big hurdle in the expansion of the business and takes up the spaces and costs more money to maintain unnecessary inventories intact. In retail and ecommerce, dead stock refers to the inventory that doesn’t sell and doesn’t have a high likelihood of selling in the future. Dead stock typically lives in a warehouse or a brick and mortar store’s stockroom. Dead stock is something which has never been sold to a customer, so returned merchandise doesn’t fall under this category. Seasonal items and fashionable items are commonly classified as dead stock because when the fashion goes out, the stock wait for years to come back again in the market to be sold. Take the New Year as a dead stock example. New Year 2021 is only good once it can’t be resold the next season. On January 2, 2021 much of that merchandise becomes dead stock almost instantly.

What is dead inventory? Essentially, dead stock and dead inventory are the same thing. Dead stock is also referred to as deadstock (though the one-word spelling is more common for other definitions), obsolete stock/inventory, and excess stock/inventory. Businesses that don’t have any inventory control or management in place are more susceptible to accumulating a lot of dead stock, as well as other inventory issues. Usually Dead Stock is increased in the recession period, or if someone decides to shutdown the business or switchover to another business due to any reason, and as the fashion and technology keeps on changing every alternate day, the chances of bearing losses, being with the dead stock increases, so we work for them all and help them liquidate their stock very rapidly. With the team of big financial investors associated with us, we are the buyers and sellers of subsidiaries, excess store inventories and stocklots also which are rejected from the buyers due to any reason. Started the business from three different categories and now increased the business upto more than thirty different categories leaving only eatables at present, with the contacts of more than 72,000 active bulk buyers of various categories in different markets worldwide, we are the one leading platform, now entered the business in exports and trying our best to let factories, industries, manufacturing units and stores consolidate their products and sell their dead stock with the easy payment terms. No matter if the stock is warehoused in the same country, or is warehoused in another country, we buy it and help them diversify their energy in manufacturing fresh products and live a stress free life. We purchase the stock in bulk, be it an obsolete products, rejected articles, unfashionable items, stocklots, surplus, overstock inventories/excess inventories, these names could differ but the stock remains the same as wider range of names have been given to the dead stock in the international market. With the high experience and the contacts with the manufacturers in Indian market for above two decades, we are the best exporters in India not only for dead stock, but also are the best exporters of Indian Traditional Products. We have the capacity to export all kind of Indian products from India. Be it by manufacturing or by outsourcing from the Indian market, we can cater the services to every buyer in the World. We’re dedicated of giving the very best of services with a focus on dependability and uniqueness with discipline, punctuality and assurance.


With the contacts of more than 72,000 active buyers across India and in different countries in the world, we have the capability to liquidate the dead stock in different ways as these buyers are always in the need of deadstock due to its increasing demand in domestic and International market.

Resale We sell this stock to the buyers directly associated with us as our buying partners, who thereafter resell the products to their places, be it in the big markets, small markets, same country or in any other country. No agreements and prohibitions are made between the buyers and sellers for any interference in selling of the products in any market.  

For many buyers the most likely business is of defective, obsolete, unfashionable and rejected products. That is, the buyer is likely to buy any defective goods together to sell it to the customers. The customers may not even realise there’s a problem with some of the pieces they’re prepared to purchase. But depending on the value of the products, they opt to buy it.

Recycle Stock left over after segregation of this deadstock is sold to the recycling companies associated with us as our buyers who wish to buy them to recycle. Recycle is the process of converting waste material into new material and objects. The recyclability of a material depends on its ability to reacquire the properties it had in its virgin or original state. 

It is an alternative to conventional waste disposal that can save material and help lower greenhouse emissions. Recycling can prevent the waste of potentially useful materials and reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials, thereby reducing: energy usage, air pollution and water pollution.

Charity The products which are finally segregated and considered to be very defective, old, obsolete or rejected and are discarded by our buyers are donated and distributed among the needy people as a humanitarian act, either directly or through the charitable trust. Sharing and donating the things to children, old people make them survive in their toughest days and this contribution also help us in our business promotions, be it through their blessings or by advertisements.

Export With over 20 years of experience in the trade and good contacts with the bigger manufacturers in the Indian market, we are the leading sellers in Indian market not only for dead stock, but also are the best exporters for the products of various categories. Initiated from the office located at New Delhi INDIA now we have our offices located at San Luis Potosi, MEXICO and Laredo, Texas UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. We have the capacity, capability and knowledge with experience to export various kind of Indian products to the major countries in the world. Be it by manufacturing or by outsourcing from the Indian market, we can cater the services to every buyer in the World. We have earned the trust and confidence of our global customers/buyers by providing them the best in class products by delivering them at the right time, round the clock and across the globe. Our quality and timelines is unparalleled by any of our competitor exports company. With hard work and strong determination and the gist to go forward we have achieved the endeavours, and managed to gain a strong foothold for various Indian products in the International market. With the span of time we have been making progress in leaps and bounds for exporting products and commodities to even the far reaching corners of the world. Every day, we get it either manufactured, buy and export sustainable products of adhering to the best practices in the International market. We have always endeavored to offer the best of the quality products in the International markets. A truly remarkable export track record has earned us several prestigious Certificates of Merit from the exporters board forum for excellence in exports performance.

No matter wherever your deadstock is warehoused, we buy it and we can buy the stock of different categories altogether.

In the past two decades we met and surveyed several manufacturers and traders going through these tough reactions, so we decided to work for them. We don’t want to see any manufacturer, industrialist, store owner or any business person going through anxiety, feeling stressed or any bad reactions in the work because of overstock/excess inventories, unfashionable products, rejected articles or any kind of dead stock in the categories specified with us. No matter what products they have and where the products are stored or warehoused, we are always there for them to let them liquidate their dead stock in four easy steps. Please don’t hesitate to ask us for any help, we are here for the goodness as we care for everyone.


Rejections in the products and change in fashion remains one of the most difficult tasks in the manufacturing business, but it has gotten much easier with the help of Dead Stock Company. Nonetheless, many manufacturers, particularly small ones, continue to handle their manufacting units manually and due to fast change in fashion the chances of bearing losses with the excess inventories of unfashionable and obsolete goods increases. Control on the fashion and buyers satisfaction is a time-consuming task which can’t be accessed all the time but it can be simplified by clearing the stock quickly if it’s halted at the manufacting plant and never let them transport to the warehouse is the best decision so as to decrease the inventory . Excess inventory of stock is inefficient and prone to errors, which can result in inaccuracies, shortages, and as well as unidentified losses. These very are common problems in manufacturing industry and stores, we are for them to buy their stock in the bulk quantity as much as they have. In todays scenario businesses are very much affected due to competitions worldwide and many manufacturers and store owners througout the world are changing their business due to some reasons and some have decided to shut their business, So what to do with the left inventories? We buy these inventories too. No matter how old the inventories are, our goal is to buy these inventories as these may not be sold to the markets due to lack of customers interest & let these victims get out of their stressed mind who are bearing heavy losses in their business. We help them by buying their left stock even if it appears to be completely dead and looks like out of the market, fashion.


Disciplinary decisions and punctuality in all the actions are in our top list in the sale and purchase of the dead stock, be it in the same city or another city or anywhere else outside the country, with the help of our global partners associated with us in other regions. We offer round the clock support to all our clients, especially our sellers who wish to sell us their dead stock by providing them their stock’s valuations free of cost. We value their experience with us and their feedback are most important to us in our growth. Buy and forget or sell and forget has never been our policy. As far as sale of dead stock is considered we value the demand of our buyers and even if we don’t have the stock as per their requirement, we put all our efforts to arrange and outsouce the stock for them as soon as it’s possible for us.

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