Work Procedure

Read the instructions carefully and sell your dead stock following few steps.

STEP 1. Description & Content Process.

Send us the stock images by mail | WhatsApp with its description and quantity. 

  • Product’s Description. 
  • Product’s Images.
  • Product’s Quantity.     

PLEASE NOTE: Send the clear images with reduced size. Images will be displayed on the website for online valuation and sale.

STEP 2. Valuation Process.

Send us the samples of dead stock (1 pc of 1 article, minimum 5 Pcs in total) for its verification to get its valuation. In Dead Stock Company,  the physical verification of the product plays an important role in the valuation process which is done by despatching the physical samples to our professional and verified buying partners.

The samples received are forwarded to our authentic buyers for its valuation in different cities of the country and in some cases to other countries also depending on the interest of the buyers and these samples are non returnable and it will not be added, or covered in the inventory at the final purchase.

The Valuation updates take 7-15 working days time after receiving the samples and it will be notified to the seller by Email | Whatsapp.


IMPORTANT: (Mention the Email Address and Contact No. on the samples to avoid any interruption in the process). In current situation the valuation process may take longer time depending on the situations in the country.

No physical inspections are allowed at our warehouses these days. Once allowed, it will be notified in the site.

STEP 3. Live Display Process.

Once samples received, the images of the stock will be displayed live on the website for its online valuation and sale till the seller receives the valuation updates. The images will be displayed in the website and Dead Stock Company’s inventory till it is sold. Sellers should check the website for content verification and let us know if there is any wrong information provided there.

STEP 4. Final Process.

Sell dead stock and get the money. Once the valuation process is completed and updated to the seller by Email | WhatsApp, our representative will visit the sellers warehouse to pick up the dead stock by making the payment through the seller’s preferred mode of payment. Physical inspections are also done in some cases prior to pickup and final payments depending on the buyer’s decision. Once picked up, the stock is directly despatched to the buyer.

For any other information, contact us or drop us a message, our representative will revert you back.

IMPORTANT: Samples should be despatched/addressed to the address of Registered Office, Please see the details mentioned below, samples when received, it will be updated to the seller by mail | WhatsApp. The sample pieces will be never calculated in the purchase of the dead stock as these are forwarded to the different buyers for its valuation.

Registered Office

Press Button to see the details. (Our employees are working from home due to pandemic, no physical meetings will be allowed at our office & our warehouses till further notice)

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E Mail

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